You have satisfied customers ? Then what…

All businesses aim for that illusive goal. Customer satisfaction

How do we measure satisfaction? What is satisfaction for one person can be quite different from another one! And then what? Do you adequate satisfaction with loyalty? If so, you are doing one big mistake! Here’s why.

Studies have shown that : 68% of clients go elsewhere because of the poor way they were treated. Loyalty is only obtained at the outstanding levels of satisfaction. And Loyalty is 3X stronger in clients that are “Totally satisfied” from “Somewhat satisfied” : So, go overboard on satisfaction.

But Satisfaction, is only the starting block. Satisfaction is ground level and only a moment in time. As William Neal put it « Satisfaction is an attitude, Loyalty is a behavior »-

It’s that behavior that you want to get, right ?.

Behavior comes from emotion. So, the real target is having products, services and employees that generate « Positive » emotions in our clients. Think about it, we do remember more. the things and events that have emotion attached to them.

One big challenge is that you have to stir up those positive emotions; before, during and after the relationship with your company. Let’s take each of these in turn;

Before: We all know that we do business with people we know, like and trust. So, you should strive to go from Encounter to Relationship. Business Relationships are based on trust and trust issues are paramount. A loss of trust equals very strong emotions. A client could be satisfied with the product but if or for any reasons, you’ve over promised you will lose in loyalty…

Also remember to diagnose the problem/need WITH your clients before starting to sell TO them. It will help build a strong relationship.

During : Imagine an emotional bank account. You have to have money in it to be able to withdraw. So in order to have some leeway with your clients, make sure you pile up those emotional dollars right from the get go.

After: Now think the situations where emotions for your customers are real high….when they complain ! Think of it this way; They are giving you one last chance to keep doing business with you!. Now, if you take care of the individual before taking care of the complaint, offer them exceptional service, a choice of solution and you’ll win a Customer or life.
Develop a culture of seeking feedback in your company, that way you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition on “customer satisfaction”.