You « create » your opportunities!

Reading Tanveer Nasseer excellent post « do you have a healthy relationship with opportunity » got me thinking about this relation in an entrepreneurial context. Oddly enough, yesterday Schumpeter in The Economist wrote about ‘inside the mind of the entrepreneur » that talked about a reasearch on how entrepreneur « react » to the environment.

As I commented on the article, I truly believe that we « create » our opportunity. It’s you, that add the « special » ingredient in the « right solution, right place, right time » recipe. But for many entrepreneurs, it can be quite a challenge, specially for the struggling ones. Focus is such an issue. Many entrepreneurs have an ADD personality and those with multiple business even more so. In such a situation you are always looking to hit « one out of the ball park » but as in baseball, that attitude often leads to a strike out. Their ability to « create » can be, in those cases, detrimental to their success!

In his book « you already know how to be great » Alan Fine speaks about the right combination of Fire (energy)  focus (no interference) and faith (do you believe) wrapped in and well-balanced with Knowledge as the « right way » to GROW (Goals->Reality->Options->Way forward). I think that entrepreneurs have no lack of energy and faith in what they do, but interference in the form of « new opportunities » might be what prevents many of them from having the success they deserve.

Besides, if you finish one project FIRST, you might get some feedback (comments from customers, money) that will come in handy to build the second one.

So FOCUS on FINISHING what you started and if you really have to, have a « bottle cap file » 😉