Why I recommend Bill Bartmann’s program

I could have used Bill’s sales letter templates.

They are real good.

But I wanted to write them down in my own words. I’ve read thousands of business plans, read countless books on start-ups and the first few years in business. I was a university teacher for 6 years,  teaching how to start businesses and how to write business plans. I’ve worked with the best. Still am…

But Mr. Bartmann’s videos are straight to the point. No fluff. No fancy words. Hard hitting advice for young entrepreneurs of all ages. Some of the stuff he’s saying and explaining will be useful for many years.

For approximately $100.00 you’ll have several hours worth of advice. They will be available anywhere that you can link up to the internet. I bought them myself and still look at them sometimes when I’m looking for a straightforward way to explain a business concept.

Give it a chance, you won’t regret it!

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