What is a startup ?

TechCrunch Europe

TechCrunch Europe

Interesting article in UK’s Techcrunch on what is the definition of a startup. The author brings up the question of when a startup can no longer be considered one. It’s the same the world over and the questions usually come up when it’s time to honor a « startup » for something.

Here is my reply (and my two-cents) on the topic

Just like “business plan” the word “startup” covers way too much ground.

A startup has not reached any kind of cruising speed
A startup is always in “nimble and quick” mode
A startup management team is always walking “the edge”
The busines model of a startup is still “a-work-in-progress
And for the article purpose, a title like the one they were competing for, will “really” propel the startup company forward (instead of just being another trophy on the CEO’s desk!)