Tiger’s lesson

Last winter Tiger changed his coach.

Does Tiger Woods still needs a coach? … euh well, YES! …

Somebody he trusts must look at his swing, his game.
As an entrepreneur, who looks at how you plan, you organize, you manage, you control, you delegate etc ?

Tiger decided he needed to change his swing, SERIOUSLY DECIDED… not the coach, Tiger himself. The basic premise in coaching. The customer WANTS to change. From there, it becomes a matter of opening and patience. Being ready to hear what you don’t want to hear and see what you don’t want to see. To change the way you do things to change the result.

Even while being champion, there can be things that annoys us. In the case of Tiger, it was his back swing. Why the change of coach then? For a change of perspective.

What follows is action. Not just a discussion and some advice. Action and practice. Correct and continue, again and again.

After a « nothing seems to work anymore » moment, his swing returned, better than before, on the road to a stellar year.

In business coaching, sometimes the same thing happens. Specially when you try to do the shift from entrepreneur to manager…

The « nothing seems to work anymore » moment… are you ready to pay that price?