It may be not totally related to entrepreneurship but it is certainly with starting something.

The Time for Climate Justice campaign is an important one if you are in the fight to save our planet . In our own little way of doing our part, an important media personality here in Québec, Dominic Arpin, decided to take the TCK-TCK-TCK concept and ask 60 bloggers to take part in the one minute clip you see below.

By participating in such a project, he was making sure that those 60 bloggers would talk about the « ‘stunt » and specially the cause, on their blogs, Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn statuses!

If you haven’t seen the powerful rendition of « beds are burning » from international artists on the Time for climate justice site, please do so.

If this can inspire more people in your part of the Globe to do something of their own to build awareness around this issue, this post will have been well worth it.

Time is ticking, take action!
p.s. I’m at the 38th second 😉