Taking time to think

When I coach, the first step I take is to check the energy level of my customer. Does he (she) have what it takes to undertake a coaching process?

The second one is to take time to think. The majority of modern execs live in a perpetual personal and professional frenzy that don’t give them time to reflect. For entrepreneurs whose SME is in growth, the situation is even worse. They always have a tough time balancing personal and profesional lives.

I personally noted that my best moments of reflexions occurred at conferences and seminars. During a dull presentation, my neurons suddenly switch into high gear. Why always in these moments?

Because, I found myself in a situation where it was impossible to fix something at home or putting out a fire at work. As if all the processing capacity of my brain became suddenly available to resolve problems of strategy… Got me thinking…(getting the point here ?)

What other contexts would enable me to reach this professional nirvana?

A yoga teacher explained to me that it was necessary to see the meditation like ONE moment during which the brain reaches a minimal threshold of thoughts per second. By decreasing the number of thoughts per second you open space for creativity, for more complex treatment of information. One starts to see things differently, to find solutions, to think outside the box.

Each person can find HIS way of getting there. For some, it is riding a bicycle, for some it’s jogging, even a good walk can prove to be effective. It is NOT necessary to go mountain climbing or to “chant” OM during 20 minutes…The important thing is what works for you!

So I try to help my customers to reach this zone where it will be possible for them to stop to reflect on what they really want out of Life. To reflect on the obstacles that prevented them from reaching their dreams up to now. To identify in their personal and professional lives what would be the achievements which would give a sense of direction, a purpose to Life.


Those achievements become « anchors » or stepping stones. Goals so clear that they motivate, support and reassure the person during the most difficult times.

I follow by setting out a plan those reach those goals.


This plan will consist of a set of SMART objectives

* Specific: hiting those targets will get them closer to the ultimate goal
* Measurable: We must agree on indicators

* Attainable:

* Realistic:

* Time bound. A clear when

and of the actions that will make it possible to achieve these goals.

In Quebec, when our hockey team don’t seem to know what they are doing on the ice, we say they play like a bunch of headless chickens. Running around but don’t have a clue what’s going on ? Do you have the impression to be like that in your life?


Find time to reflect, and find time to play it is the first stage to take again control.

If you do not know where to start, may I suggest coaching ?

We’ll help you find time and we’ll ask the questions to get you thinking.


People sometimes refer to coaches as being professional butt kickers. Let me offer you another way of looking at it. It’s the favorite expression of a coach and good friend of mine. It’s the title under his names on his business card


It says MQA…


Master Question Asker 🙂