Synchronicity !

iStock_000004171926SmallSome might call it luck. Ok but you can influence it.
Some call it perfect timing. It’s more than that because it’s a random suite of events. It’s when the planet align 😉
When you are

  • the right person
  • at the right place
  • at the right time
  • with the right solution
  • and the adequate funds

You’ll make it !

Force it! talk to people, at the bus stop, on trains and planes. Network, mingle. You never know kwho is going to be the catalyst for your project. Have you goal in mind. Feed that right brain that will come up with creative solutions (that your left brain will never be able to supply).

BE the right person by working with your strengths and your passion.

BE at the right place by knowing your market and it’s rules more than your competition and by talking about your project.

Be at the right time by knowing how to set up your tipping point and integrating knowledge of needs and market.

Have the right solution by KNOWING THE NEED of your customers more than you know yourself.

Get the right funds by being able to SELL and CONVINCE , suppliers (bank is a supplier of money, never forget that), clients, and partners. But first and foremost,  Get a few sales with some early adopters.

Go to the bank with a few checks for products and services. You’ll see then offering you a business account with a line of credit faster than you can say « business plan »