The achievement Center is an international organisation based in Kitchener Ontario. I have been working with them for a few years through an affiliate here in Montreal, Tac-Coaching.
Both organisation have top coaches in many fields and I urge you to check out the many programs that we offer. Each coach has to become certified to give a program, to make sure, the quality and satisfaction will be there as the end of our collaboration.

As for myself, I have my certification in 3 programs from the Achievement Center. Here you will find a brief description of those programs that I can do with you in a structured coaching approach

Result centered leadership


Fully connected in business in 90 seconds or less.

In this last case, it might be interesting to know that I can offer it to you in a

  1. 4 half-days format (workshop)
  2. a 4 hours format (worshop) ideal for graduates from Colleges and Universities
  3. a 90 minutes conference, ideal for a working lunch for your business.