Alain Theriault, B.Ed, MBA
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A lifelong quest…from one dream to the other!

I was good at school, really good!

Then sports and music came along and  I dropped out of college.

Wanted to be a rock star or a tennis pro. Does that ring a bell ?

Wasted a lot of time.

Got back in the school system. I made a vow to myself that I would do whatever it takes to prevent another kid from wasting so much time…

I started helping young people choose careers and tried to figure out, with the older ones, what had happened to theirs…

After 10 years as a guidance counselor, I grew weary of the way that things were progressing. It wasn’t enough. I wasn’t living up to my full potential…so I went for an MBA

I switched to counseling entrepreneurs and teaching them…at the same school.

Started an entrepreneurship Center, a pre-incubator , a business center for students and finally, I started a student based consulting firm

I must have read over  1,000 business plans

I have approved more than a few hundred loans and have been involved in semi-venture capital investments

I taught , about the thrill of starting businesses,  to over 400 students

Helped start over 100 businesses

Wrote many articles for “Le Journal de Montreal” and made regular appearances on some business television shows. I was an active member on many boards as well as helping with government policies regarding entrepreneurship…

All of this lasted almost 10 years. I love entrepreneurs so much that I married one. Then, I realized that it still wasn’t enough. I discovered that I love coaching. Why?

Because it’s more empowering

Because it generates more results…

Because I needed to walk the walk after talking the talk…

Because I wanted to see, feel and share success.

I am a member of Logo ICF