Of jogging and Start-ups


I was finishing a 5 miles run in a head wind when this blog post came to mind…

Each run has it’s challenge. there is always something going wrong. Sometimes it’s the breathing, sometimes my shins are killing me or my knees hurt like hell, a searing pain in my side, other tmes it’s more than one. I’ve come to expect it and I bless the day when everything « runs » smoothly.

A nice parallel can be drawn for start-up. No amount of planing will really prepare you for what’s ahead. And it’s in the daily grind that you’ll feel it. A sick employee, a supplier, that doesn’t supply, a client that won’t pay, an unfounded complaint, your account manager that gets crazy on you…

But at the end of my run, at the end of your day, what have we learn ABOUT ourselves.

So you came thru. Celebrate it. The next time around you wont be so surprised, the next time it will be dealt with in a swift manner or totally avoided.

Hang in there success is only a few strides away.
And as Lance Armstrong put it.

« Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever » 😉