New career or new startup ? Here’s a good book for you


I haven’t been writing much since last summer but I think I have what it takes so you forgive me 🙂

I have just found out that a very good book can now be downloaded free of charge.
I know the author personaly. His first book (in French) really sent me on a journey exploring new ways of starting businesses. If I can talk to you about Lean Startup and Effectual Entrepreneurship it’s because this guy wrote his first book.

I invite you to discover the methodology he teaches in top business schools, which is explained in his latest book “Winning Opportunities”.

In any case this is a no-risk opportunity because readers set their own price after reading the book, according to their own assessment of its value and what they can afford.
If you do not like its content you pay nothing.
Fair enough!

I encourage you to read this book because:
·        it can really boost your career (it did for many people who had read the French version that came out 5 years ago)
·        it contains a robust guide on how to seize opportunities (this is what helps boost a career!)
·        it provides a user-friendly alternative to the painful writing of a business plan
·        it is quite entertaining (each chapter starts with a joke): easy and fun to read

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With kind regards