Marketing to the « Y » generation

I receive a very interesting Interactive marketing newsletter by Forrester that showed the following results


« a number that is only expected to increase in coming years. Younger consumers even sacrifice TV for the Web. But companies also need to take a deeper look at their customer base — gauging their level of participation in Social Computing behaviors. This analysis will help companies to group customers in participation types such as Creators (those who publish blogs and maintain Web sites) and Spectators (those who participate in more passive activities like reading blogs and watching Internet video). »

If you market to the « Y » generation, I urge you to adopt new ways of marketing to them. How can you use Social Networks, social Bookmarks, Wikis and blogs to get you « Y » customers more involved in your company’s evolution. What’s your plan this week. Take the time. Do it!

« Forrester recommends following the POST method, a four-step process that outlines how a company should think about its: 1) People; 2) Objectives; 3) Strategy; and; 4) Technology. For example, this process will help you decide if your customers are more likely to contribute freely to a wiki about your product, or participate in word-of-mouth activities that support your brand. »

Following that simple sequence will help you avoid putting emphasis to fast on the technology side of your marketing strategy.

  1. What is the smallest step YOU can take to know more about your « Y » clients ?
  2. What would be the little piece of information missing that could put you ahead of the game?
  3. Where will you get the help to find that piece of info ?