Getting the information from outside the box

Remember « The tipping point » the  best seller from Malcom Gladwell from a few years back ?
How the combination of  Connectors, Maven and salesmen in the right context and with a good « sticky » story ( For that « Made to Stick » is a must read.) can help you create a powerful « epidemic », a tidal wave of interest for you product or service ?

A new book, « The Power of Pull » adds an interesting layer to that whole concept. Covered by Schumpeter in « The Economist » , the theory behind the book is that the answer you are looking for lies on serendipity.

By getting Access to the right people, then Attracting them and achievement with, thru wide array of contacts (think Social Media « friends » here…)  you multiply your chances to gain the knowledge you need faster, because, precisely,  things change so fast ! You have to cast a wider net

The author recommends to attend a mix of specialized and more eclectic conferences to maximize the effect. Hang out with people who thrive in change, in changing environments.

If Schumpeter concludes on the importance of letting some of your employee use social networks, a given for me, It brought to mind the link with the Tipping point. In your « gathering up » the information phase, start looking at/asking for the connectors, the mavens and the salesmen that will make the best use of that new information. Make sure to add-up a few I.O.U’.s along the way.  YOUR tipping pointt might be closer than you think.