Cute idea!

Twitter is a wonderful tool but since I started spending time on the little bird network, I’ve been seriously neglecting my blogs.

Of the interesting bunch of people that I’m a follower of, one of them, MIchelle Ward (WhenIgrowupcoach) came up with a very interesting idea and a good and fun way to get traffic. (Now admit it- you will click on her link!!!)

She asks 5 personalized questions to people, that she is a follower of , on Twitter. As a life coach (and a fun one) it’s tough not to play along.

As far as startups are concerned, we all know the importance the web plays in many (if all) startups. Her idea can be easily replicated for your own benefit. In your own personalized version ask any expert, that you are a follower of, some questions. Let’s say that you ask questions,pertaining to the same topic, to five experts. Just imagine the input…

So dear Michelle, here we go…

What is the most common thing that most start-ups lack when they’re, uh, starting? Please replace that word “thing” with whatever word you want.

Good one. It’s a toss-up between the ability to sell and a lack of  SMART action plans.
* What’s the most energizing thing you’ve done this year, so far?

Energizing ? This year ? Mentally, signing an important contract to implement my alternative to the business plan. Physically, a day of sliding down a hill with my boys. (I know there is a shameless plug in there, but hey, it’s that good!)

* If you could wish on a star and have it come true, what would you wish for?

That in the presence of children, ALL weapons would cease to function. My last venture will be a Foundation that will re-build schools in war zones. My inspiration comes from Greg Mortenson and  Feedthechildren.

* What’s your best joke? Keep it clean – or not.

Sorry, haven’t got any that comes to mind
* If heaven exists, what would it contain for you personally?

My father!

And you, dear readers, what if we would take those questions and turn them into an entrepreneurial introspection.


  • 1- What is it that you lack (except money) that would propel your business forward ?
  • 2-What could you change in order to energize the way you speak about your start-up ?
  • 3-What would be the BIG BREAK (be very specific) that would bring you to the next level ?
  • 4- In a few years, you will look back at your first years and laugh at what? (Why don’t you laugh about it now? You can be serious in business without taking yourself too seriously)
  • 5-You will have reached corporate heaven with your company when….