So you think you are crazy being an entrepreneur ? (part 1)

iStock_000001419386XSmallIn her excellent post « You’re aren’t crazy you’re just an entrepreneur » for Open Forum, Pam Slim quotes Martha Beck.

She talk about the four stages of an entrepreneur.

Let’s look at them and how coaching can help

Square One: Death and Rebirth

Characteristics: This first stage of change happens when you consciously choose to move from employee to entrepreneur. Nothing is familiar anymore, and you grasp to both feel normal and explain your new work identity to others.

Recommendation: Stay focused inward, on your own insights and creativity. Exercise, eat right and stay grounded. Don’t worry about figuring everything out at this stage, just pay attention to how you feel, and stay open to possibility.

The coaching: It’s easy to get in information overload at this stage. So much stuff to think about. The fist phase of coaching has to be centered on « why » you chose that business, that way of « ‘earning a living ». Making sure a purpose is driving you, energizing you. filling up your « energy tank »

Second phase, It’s also a moment where it’s easy to loose a lot of energy doing everything and being everywhere. Working on monitoring that loss of energy and making sure short term goals keep you in « focused action » and celebrating small victories. « Staying open to possibilities » means to « shoot » with confidence because you are looking for feedback. The feedback will help you « aim » better.

Third phase: It’s the time to put in place the « rituals » that will ingrain to good habits necessary to succeed. Either getting rid of bad habits that prevent you from moving forward; bad habits that are constraints, bad habits related to unproductive beliefs. Or, developing good habits to adopt to make sure results will be showing!

The coaching conversations will make sure you stay on track, on purpose!

Stay tuned for the next steps…