Bring it on!

Do you have a « bring it on » attitude ?

If you are a regular of the blog you know I’m not a big fan a business planning, but I’m kind of obsessive-compulsive on being in ready mode….

There is a lot of talk about the risk involved in launching and running a business. There might be some risk involved, but there is a lot more uncertainty and even unknown around a startup. Risk is something you can put a number on. I wrote about how entrepreneurs deal with risk in a previous post.

Uncertainty is something that might happen but you can’t calculate a probability of it happening. So as an entrepreneur, you have to be ready to deal with it, you have to learn to live with uncertainty being part of your everyday entrepreneurial life. Experience is a big factor in being able to deal with uncertainty. But you biggest asset is attitude. Have that « bring it on » attitude.

What doest it have to do with the saturday morning jogging afterthought ? Well, take 2 minutes and find out…

[wpvideo S94rzNRc]

As for the unknown, well it’s about being fearless, that takes a bit more time. But if you are resilient, if you have the no matter have many time you knock me down I’ll get back on my feet attitude, you’re going to make it 😉