Are your skills and knowledge static or changeable ?

An article in this week end’s Montreal’s The Gazette talks about a research by social psychology professor Jason Plaks of the University of Toronto and Kristen Stecher of the University of Washington that says that the way people view their skills can have an impact on how they respond to career success.

If they see their skill as static, any indication that they may be better that what they think they are will be self-sabotaged!!!

Now what about entrepreneurs ?

My partner in Tac-Coaching, Ken Ingram was featured in that article. His take on it was that most successful entrepreneurs believe they can achieve anything.

Now, if you are in a static environment, in a static group of employees, you won’t get to stretch yourself too much. But an entrepreneur ?!?!

Maybe, self-sabotage puts limits on what he (she) can do. Is it possible that an entrepreneur chooses an environment that limits his/her chances? That an entrepreneur can be satisfied with the level of « success » that he/she has ?

Now, I’m not completely immune to a little self sabotage myself. I live my life in my comfort zone most of the time. But as I said to a former coach of mine (Gilles Barbot from Esprit de Corps ; « It’ great to be outside of our comfort zone, it’s a marvelous opportunity to grow…but can we go back once in while, just to rest ?  » 😉

So I can understand….

When you are starting out, you have moments you feel out of breath, so stretched that you are about to break and then, somehow, somewhere, you know that you’ll have to stretch it a bit more….99 degrees is very hot, but it won’t produce boiling water…just one degree more and you have steam… energy! What a difference one single degree makes…

Who remembers the 4th places at the Olympics ?

And what about results, earnings, recognition ?

For a fraction of a second, that ultimate stretch, the difference between 3rd and 2nd place…between 2nd and 1st place….some get fame and fortune…others, well…glory days. (Here Clara Hughes at the Torino Olympics springs to mind…)

Do your skills keep you at 99 degrees ?

Do you think that your lack of knowledge may keep you from getting to the boiling point ?

Does what do you think prevent you from reaching your full potential ?

If you have any doubt, talk to a professional coach!