Answering @Genystartup questions

Here are the questions that we’re sent to me
1.)Hello Alain, I personally know you as Alain but to most people,
you are the startup coach. Can you give us a brief insight into your

2.) Have you been involved with any startups in the past? presently?
which ones?

3.) As we all know building and growing a startup is not an easy
endeavor, in your opinion what’s the most difficult part of the journey.

4.) Many Gen Y entrepreneurs are starting to build their companies
and we all know the economy is not the friendliest. What’s your opinion
regarding the best way to secure funding?

5.) Now to the issue of marketing, give us some advice on perfect,
cost effective ways to promote our start-up.

6.) What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in business?

Answering @Genystartup questions from Alain Theriault aka Startupcoa on Vimeo.