About « Death by social Media »

The issue raised here is very important. I totally agree.
But the case study is way off line.

After reading the article, I had to react.

I knew Renée personally, as I do Martin. We are part of the same business bloggers network in Montreal. There is no hint in Martin’s article about what they are talking about. Maybe something got added in the translation….

Renée was very active on social media but probably even more in real life. Living alone at 60, in a foreign country, doing lots of volunteering on the Island, specially at a Veterinarian clinic for stray cats. Besides that she was talking daily very long walks along the beach.

She was a foreign old lady, seen as « rich » by the Islander’s standards (remember she had been travelling back and forth between Isla Mujeres and Montreal for many years) and therefore easily « spotable » for a local looking for quick cash. No need of any social media presence for that.

She was a « people person » in real life just as she was on Social media. She had the knack of starting a conversation with anyone. Well educated and world traveller, she was never short of topics to talk about. Being friendly with people has it’s downside, but by bringing in this debate a « culture of fear » prevalent in the US, they make an exceptional situation sound like a rule.

With such a strong presence online, in social medias, numerous blogs and sites, Renée’s case should inspire SocialMediaToday to focus on the issue of « Digital Legacy » It would be a right way to pay respect to the pioneer of « Digital Nomadism » that she was!