Are you a solution looking for a problem ?

iStock_000004409273SmallReading @startupPro’s blog post, I said to myself, so many struggling coaches, mentors and business advisors should apply to themselves that simple truth.

What is the « real » problem ?

Are you just a solution looking for a problem ?

Sure every client wants to start/run a business, but what is the real need behind hiring you?

Brainstorming, pat in the back, kick in the pants, understanding context, finding business partners, overcoming the business plan writer’s block, etc.

To find out the « real » need of your clients,;

  • Remember to start by asking questions, many questions
  • Coaches don’t forget to ask that « how do you feel about… » question.
  • Remember to « really » listen to the answers
  • Make sure you DO NOT have an hidden agenda
  • Remember to focus on finding the right solution (even if it’s not yours)

Basically, you can’t listen yourself out of a sale but it’s real easy to talk yourself out of one.